"The more you revitalize your body, the more conscious you will be of yourself" (Yesudian)

The term Fitness encompasses infinitely different training methods and is as diverse as people and their needs are.

Alongside yoga, I also work with individual training programs and workouts, such as power walks, jogging, exercises in the gym or resistant-band workouts. Dealing with the common back pain spine- and water gymnastics are excellent alternatives.

Also, after training treat yourself to a relaxing shoulder-, back-, neck-, or foot reflexology massage.

In addition, if you'd like, I'll advise you on nutrition, as "Man is what he eats". And your bodysoul does not only need proper movement, but also the right fuel in order to stay healthy!

Mallorca and Rhein-Ruhr Area Personal Trainer and
Wellness Coach Uta Schönbach