"Good Health is Wealth,
Peace of Mind is Happiness
And Yoga shows the Way"

In your exercises we practice Hatha Yoga, the most common form of yoga, where the physical aspect is a means to open your inner energies.

All movements are carried out in a slow pace with moderate but deep exhalations, followed by relaxation.

The exercises, Asanas, concentrate on all parts of the body, stretching and boosting your muscles, increasing the flexibility of your spine and joints in addition to stimulate your internal organs and nervous system.

The body's natural state is of wellness. And the practice of yoga helps you increase the potential of good health and youthful endurance.

Even after a prolonged time of an unhealthy lifestyle yoga can achieve wonders for the recovery of body and soul. Let me get you on track!


Mallorca and Rhein-Ruhr Area Personal Trainer and
Wellness Coach Uta Schönbach